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self_Dale I can’t speak for other writers, but when I start writing a story, I generally have no idea how it’s going to end.

I know who the characters are. I know the setting. I know some of the key scenes. So I start writing.

Then somehow the story seems to tell itself. The people I created take on a life of their own. They grow, develop, interact, change, re-invent themselves. They set their own course: I follow. They determine their own outcomes: I accept.

So if my published stories never seem to end well for my characters, don’t blame me. It’s their own fault.

– – – – – – – – – –

Salford, December 2013. We sat in the sterile consultant’s office, two vulnerable people holding hands. They’d put my partner, Lena, through all the tests. Today it was time for the diagnosis, judgement day.

– I’m sorry to tell you, it’s Alzheimers … and I’m afraid there’s not much we can do about it.

So, after 30 years of fun together, out there playing the world, it had come to this. We weren’t immortal after all. It seemed like another bad ending.

The consultant continued.

– But one thing you might like to try is signing up for a research programme. Warwick University is studying the impact of physical exercise on dementia …

Little did we know it, but we were about to become the lead characters in our own story. And as it turned out, the diagnosis was only the end of a chapter, not the end of the story.

It’s the story I’m telling here, not fiction this time, but very much an adventure – with challenges, obstacles, excitement, tears, triumphs, disasters, and a determination to see the journey through to the end – wherever the path may take us.

– – – – – – – – – –


This is our public campaign to fight dementia with fitness, friendship and fun. Everybody can get involved, helping us to sponsor/organize/identify activities that’ll help those affected (and their caregivers) to get out with dementia and stay connected with their community. Please follow this link and check out the site.

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