Alan Miles (a.k.a Alain Miles – here’s why)

When Lena was diagnosed with Alzheimers, we’d never have guessed we were about to become characters in our own adventure story. Read the latest episodes …

Going Away

We’re planning a two-day holiday. But will Lena be disoriented and upset if I move her away from familiar surroundings?

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The LessVisible Man

A new turn in our dementia story. A mysterious man comes to visit – or so says Lena. But who was it? Is this a new kind of logic?

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Changing-Room Blues

Two of life’s little pleasures – buying clothes and swimming. But changing-room difficulties make it embarrassing, and hard for a person with dementia to enjoy them.

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Being Normal

Lena loves people who are ‘normal’ – behave just as they did before Alzheimers took hold, reminding her of a time when she was queen of her own life.

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